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About Us

Common Knowledge Trust is a grassroots organisation interested in sharing the traditional and indigenous health knowledge of cultures around the world.

Initially formed as an incorporated not-for-profit in Australia in 1993, the Trust was also established as a Registered Charitable Trust in 1995 in New Zealand. We hold an affiliation to the Traditional and Medical Clinic run by Dr. Barbara Sibanda in Zimbabwe.

(See the Gathering Newsletter)

The Goals and Objectives of the Trust are:

To help transmit the diverse health knowledge from cultures worldwide.
To encourage the preserving of cultural health knowledge in an era when the homogenisation of modern health systems is occurring throughout the world.

An Invitation

Common Knowledge Trust is committed to joining with others to bring forth the exquisite common knowledge of our cultural diversity. In a small way, we wish to be part of the continuation of this diverse, empirical knowledge.

We would like to co-organise international get togethers to help prevent the loss of our diverse cultural knowledge. We extend an invitation to others to work with Common Knowledge Trust to celebrate our culture diversity in other gatherings.
We co-hosted The Gathering of traditional birth attendants and midwives in Zimbabwe in 1988 with Dr. Barbara Sibanda and The Traditional and Medical clinic.

Also, don’t be a stranger! If you need to reach out to us, just visit our “Contact Us” page and get in touch!

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