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Can People Develop Immunity To COVID-19?

This is from a NYTimes article but they have a paywall. Can people develop immunity to COVID-19 after catching it?

It’s one of the most pressing questions: Do people who recover from Covid-19 develop immunity to the virus?

So far, evidence points to a qualified yes. If that bears out, it will have big implications.

Survivors could return to work before the outbreak is over and help reboot the economy; immune doctors and nurses could care for the critically ill without fear.

Crucially, the antibodies their bodies produce could speed the search for an effective treatment. But a lot is still unknown. For instance: Do the antibodies give lifelong immunity — as with polio or measles — or is the protection narrow and likely to fade, as with antibodies for colds and the flu? (Even if you can get reinfected, it’s likely the symptoms would be milder the second time.)

Another critical question: Do people who get the coronavirus but do not become very sick produce enough antibodies to protect them, at least until a vaccine can be introduced?

The quickest answers lie in blood tests, which can detect the antibodies. These tests have been used in China, Singapore and some other countries, but are not yet widely available.

Researchers in New York have an antibody test that they say can be scaled up quickly, but it is not yet approved. Here’s another link that was written on 23 March, 2020

The Official Advice About Coronavirus

We all know the ‘rules’ … cough/sneeze into the elbow, clean surfaces, wash hands regularly and maintain social distancing. Those are clear actions.

However, they aren’t ‘proven’. There is no ‘evidence-based studies’ nor have their been double-blind studies. In fact, what’s a ‘surface’ mean? Can the virus live on plates, our clothes, hair, rugs, bedding?

We are being given sensible suggestions and many of us are trying to follow the rules. And then it comes to the use of masks.

Here’s a brilliant article that explains why people in some countries wear them and in other countries people don’t. 

It all boils down to: No one knows what will work’. Which means each of us is doing the best we can. And that boils down to the conclusion in this article … EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

Which brings us to the OFFICIAL ADVICE if we feel unwell.

We have to do more, so our New Zealand NGO, Common Knowledge, has put out a list of TO-DO.

I have people scream at me: ‘It’s fake, it’s a scam, it’s quackery, you’re going to hurt people, just follow official advice and stay indoors’. Well, doing nothing is your choice. Doing something is your choice.

There will be no double-blind studies. There will be no evidence-based research, however, each of us has a choice to try something under the ‘every little bit helps’ or do nothing.

My 50 years as a Naturopath who worked for many years in countries where access to modern medicine is challenging or non-existant … doing nothing is sometimes an option and doing something is equally an option.

Personally, I’ve been rigorously following this list and have added Vicks because of a personal experience I had last night on Day 6 of not feeling well.

Simple Skills To Reduce Coronavirus Viral Load In Your Body

#1 Job is to reduce or prevent viral load by flushing out entry points as soon as and repeat when necessary.


  • Go about your life naturally. You’ll have feelings of fear take (Aconite and Argentum Nit homeopathics)
  • While washing hands and social distancing is appropriate when the virus is in your area, if it’s NOT, then do not start to social distant yourselves. That creates a ‘habit’ rather than an appropriate response to a short-term situation.
  • Be grateful that your area is not impacted … yet or forever


Do these things for at least 14 days or until cases are resolved. A few cases is NOT A CLUSTER and may never become one in your area.

  • Become more aware and begin to implement appropriate self-care behaviours
    • Social distancing where appropriate and hand-washing
    • Pay attention of your own body and those of your children. CHILDREN ARE PASSING ON THE VIRUS TO FAMILY but aren’t getting very sick at this point.
    • If you have itching in eyes (flush with warm water)
    • If you have itching in ears (flush with warm salty water)
    • If you have stuffed nose (snort warm salty water once or twice)
    • If your throat feels raw, sore or sore to swallow (gargle with warm salty water and spit out 3X)
      • Then spray with herbal throat spray or suck herbal throat lozenges
    • Shower once every day or other day particularly at night before bed
      • After showering wash body with salty water, diluted vinegar or diluted baking soda
    • Take Vitamin C and lots of pre/pro-biotics
    • Take Alli-biotics or Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Kyolic garlic


As soon as you notice ANY of these symptoms then gargle with warm, slightly salty water at least 3x/day: fatigue, feeling sore or raw inside back of nose and throat, dry cough, fever, itching eyes/ears and shortness of breath.

  • Use throat spray
  • Shower every evening and follow steps above
  • Vitamin C, Oregano, Olive Leaf, Kyolic
  • Take ONE dose of PNEUMOCOCUSS

This virus has four phases

  • Not feeling well for a few days with or without fever or cough … THIS IS WHEN YOU MUST ACT FIRST AND FAST AND KEEP DOING IT FOR AT LEAST 14 DAYS
  • Fever and cough … Drinking respiratory teas, continue with Alli-biotics etc
  • Pneumonia … Pneumococcus homeopathics, Justicia if necessary, more Vitamin C in massive amounts. If you got sick very fast … Cytokine Supplement as a TEA. Cytokine response is an over-active immune response. You might (and there’s no proof or even study about this) try any over the counter anti-histamine.

Coronavirus Tips: Coronavirus, Pregnancy, Family And What To Do


If you are terrified, anxious and fearful … it’s ok. Aconite and Argentum Nit are very good homeopathics to take when you feel this way. We will be required to act first and act fast.

This article was written 8 March 2020

Virus, bacteria and yeast multiple very rapidly. Your #1 job is to cut down on the amount of virus coming into your system.

The virus will enter through your eyes, ears, nose, mouth … carried there by hands. You want to keep these orifices flushed/washed which cuts down on the viral load by just washing it away.

FIRST SYMPTOMS:  Itching in nose, eyes, ears and tickling in throat + fullness in tummy. The fever and dry cough will come a few days after this itching or slight discomfort.

The medical profession does not yet have a prevention or cure.

Use the natural health in your area … not to ‘cure’ yourself, but rather to try to reduce or prevent the viral load in your body from getting out of hand.

Act first and fast using natural methods and alongside any medical care.

The virus enters through your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Your #1 job is to cut down on the amount of virus coming into your system.


  • EYES: If you can get an eye cup then use it, if not just splash warm water in and around your eyes and don’t scratch them every time they itch.
  • NOSE: take slightly salty water, put a drop on index finger and snort in … both nostrils. Repeat if the nose continues to be itchy or stuffed.
  • EARS: splash with slightly salty water and rub into your earholes
  • THROAT: Gargle with slightly salty water and spit out. Repeat when the throat feels sore again. Repeat. Spray with natural herbal throat spray.
  • STOMACH: Your tummy might just feel a bit ‘full’ or unsettled
    • Drink warm slightly saltwater, or diluted vinegar or dissolved baking soda. This changes the ‘environment’ so the virus doesn’t like it.
    • Lots of pre/probiotics
  • Wash hands, face often and keep repeating again and again if you are tempted to itch different places
  • Start with Vitamin C … all day and lots of it
  • If you have Allibiotic (from NOW foods) or Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf extract or garlic … take heaps of that for the first 3-5 days. These are anti-viral. Your #1 job is to cut down on the amount of virus coming into your system.
  • Everything you do will probably reduce how sick you get.
  • Most people ignore those early symptoms and then get sick. Your #1 job is to cut down on the amount of virus coming into your system.


  • Don’t take anything for fever because that masks the symptoms. You want to treat the early symptoms so the virus does not multiple in your system. Masking the symptoms means you won’t feel those early symptoms.
  • It’s ok to have a fever. This is your body’s attempt to kill the virus. Work with the fever, not against it.
  • If you have access to homeopathics: Ferrum Phos as a Tissue Salt. If the face gets very red then Belladona.


  • Gargle with salt water frequently. Find a natural herbal throat spray and use it.
  • Homeopathic Bryonia and find other herbs that are good for respiratory stuff. Just Google what is available in your area


  • Temporarily cutting back on coffee, sodas, smoking, partying hard
  • Google what builds immune systems in your area. Ginseng is one such herb


  • Cytokine supplements
  • Homeopathic Histamine
  • Over the counter anti-histamines.

ARTICLE: Read this general information interview 3 March 2020:


  • We’re knowing more about the virus now and information is power and reduces fear
  • The interview also explains what China has learned from how they responded.

ARTICLE: Watch the video of the young man in the middle of the article. He explains his experience of having Coronavirus.  It’s a teaching tool.


  • He didn’t immediately take his symptoms seriously. … too little, too late.
  • Listen to the symptoms
  • ACT FIRST AND ACT FAST Use the protocol below (and other things you can think of) right away and stay on it for up to 5 days.
  • This is a cluster disease rather than widespread … at the moment.
    • If you’re in a cluster, you are at risk.
    • If you are not in a cluster, you are not at risk and can go about your life.
    • If one or two cases occur in your area, that does not mean there’s a ‘cluster’.
    • One city Wuhan in China out of thousands was/is affected. No other cluster has developed in any other Chinese city. There are clusters in N. Italy, Washington State and S. Korea, Japan
  • The success in China was due to IMMEDIATE scanning, observing, treating.
    • The health system took everyone’s temperature.
    • Isolated people if they had elevated temperature or other ’symptom’.
    • Treated immediately if symptoms got worse.
    • They didn’t wait long, encouraged people to be more pro-active and collectively work together to contain the outbreak.
    • YOU HAVE TO DO THIS WITH YOURSELF AND FAMILY … Act first and fast as soon as the earliest symptoms appear.

OVERALL STATISTICS: Information coming from a massive study by the Chinese Centres of Disease Control.

It looked at 44,000 people and showed 2.8% of infected men died compared with 1.7% of women.

And 0.2% of children and teenagers died compared with nearly 15% of people over the age of 80.

Justicia homeopathic for severe respiratory

Natural History.
An Indian Shrub, Singhee
Highly efficacious medicine for acute catarrhal conditions of the respiratory tract (used in the beginning).
Irritable, sensitive to external impressions; hot, full and heavy head; lachrymation, with CORYZA, PROFUSE, fluent, with constant sneezing; loss of smell and taste; CORYZA WITH COUGH.
Dry, pain during empty swallowing, tenacious mucus. Mouth dry.
Dry cough from sternal region all over chest. Hoarseness, larynx painful. PAROXYSMAL COUGH, with suffocative obstruction of respiration. COUGH WITH SNEEZING. Severe dyspnoea with cough. TIGHTNESS ACROSS CHEST. Asthmatic attacks, cannot endure a close, warm room. WHOOPING-COUGH. Bronchial catarrh, coryza, hoarseness; oversensitive.

Pneumoccus homeopathic nosode … This is what’s called a nosode. Start taking this as SOON AS ITCHING SYMPTOMS IN EARS, NOSE AND EYES AND IRRITATION IN THROAT. Your #1 job is to cut down on the amount of virus coming into your system.


  • This is from a mathematician who explains some of the numbers: